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We bring the knowledge gained over these years to ensure your vehicle gets the best soaps and waxes available as well as the most gentile, yet effective cleaning equipment in the industry. Rest assured, a trip to any of our 4 locations will leave you and your car very happy. Leave the dirty job of cleaning your car to the experts at 33 East Car Wash and we will keep your vehicle's finish looking new!

Car Washing Myths - Busted!
Many years ago when automatic car washes were first starting out there were quite a few "bugs" in the systems that have since been worked out.

Myth #1. Car Washes damage convertible tops. False, years ago the blowers at automatic car washes had wheels on them that would roll across your car and subsequently cause damage to convertibles. Any state of the art car wash will no longer have blowers with wheels on them.

Myth #2. Car Washes scratch a cars finish. False, again many years ago car washes used a bristle type of cloth to clean your car. 33 East Car Wash NEVER uses any type of brushes or bristles to clean your car. All of our facilities employ 100% brush free equipment. We use a completely safe foam and soft cloth method of cleaning cars. There are so many types of different shapes and sizes of cars on the road we must cater to all of them soft cloth and foam is the only way to ensure safety.

Myth #3. Washing my car at a car wash is bad for the environment. False, driveway washing is much worse for the environment than taking a car to a car wash. You typically use 75% more water in your driveway per car than the average car wash uses per car. The chemical run off from your driveway goes directly into a catch basin and will ultimately end up in the ocean. 33 East Car Wash uses a reclaim system which breaks down the chemicals, oils, brake dust and many other hazardous materials. This system brings our waste water within two microns of drinking water before it is exposed of. All of the solid waste we collect in holding tanks and is safely hauled away to a treatment facility for safe disposal.

Myth #4. Washing my car at home is safer. False, Automatic car washes can also be safer for your car's finish than washing your car yourself because do-it-yourselfers sometimes don't use enough water to safely remove dirt; or they wash the car in direct sunlight -- which can burn spots in the paint. Or they use the wrong type of soap -- such as dish washing detergent, which removes protective wax and leaves a chalky residue on the finish. Or any one of several common mistakes can end up doing more harm than good.

Myth #5. Chemicals at a Car Wash will ruin my paints finish. False, All chemicals used today are vigorously tested by the chemists in conjunction with the wash manufacturers and most importantly with the car makers themselves. This ensures that todays modern paint finishes are kept at their optimum quality. The chemicals will get the bird droppings, dirt and grime off and leave the paintwork on. All our chemicals are a PH Neutral so you need not to worry, 33 East Car Wash's chemicals are completely safe.

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My family takes our cars to 33 East Car Wash whenever we feel it needs a good clean - inside and out - and we are never disappointed. The employees never rush a job, and our car always comes out spotless!
Conor Family - Long Branch, NJ

My car is my baby. I usually wash my car myself because I don't trust it in anyone's hands. After numerous recommendations, I decided to try 33 East Car Wash. I was shocked with the care I received. The new construction in Ocean is absolutely beautiful, and I can't wait to get my car washed there again!
Mr. Stein - Tinton Falls, NJ

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